Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 3, Day 1

We set out from visiting a friend in Springville at about 12:15pm. We were well on our way, almost to Delta, and congratulating ourselves on a smooth takeoff when we got a message from Christy saying I had left ALL of my toiletries in a bag on her counter! So great. We felt pretty silly, and underqualified to be taking a vacation all by ourselves. HOWEVER, it turned out that Christy and Jared were going to be driving to Las Vegas the next day anyway, and could bring them to us along the way. So, Crisis #1: narrowly averted.

We arrived in Great Basin National Park, which is apparently so little-visited that they don't even charge admission! A ranger said it's the fourth least-visited national park in the U.S. Interesting. We were disappointed to realize that the $12 fee for our campsite will probably be typical of the trip, an expense we hadn't counted on.

Our tour of Lehman Caves, the must-see in this park, was even better than expected. Colby calls it "a hidden gem." The caves were full of formations and very interesting. Our tour guide, Chris, had an awesome beard. I now want to be a park ranger, Colby now wants to be a beard-owner.

Our view for dinner was terrific (we love being outside!) and so was washing our dishes in the creek near our campsite. Made us feel very rugged. We came back and found a couple of mule deer near our tent.

The stars were AMAZING tonight. We saw the longest shooting star in history - big and bright and burning - before it was even completely dark, and then when it DID get dark I have NEVER seen so many stars at once. A terrific start to our adventure!

Excited to be on the road!

Colby peering past some cave formations in Lehman caves
(pretend this picture is rotated 90 degrees clockwise)

Colby ruggedly washing our dishes in the stream!

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