Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 5, Day 3

We woke up in our discounted-swanky hotel room, GORGED ourselves on the free continental breakfast, and got our itinerary ironed out (booked campsites for Zion and Grand Canyon). Being on our own schedule, as we are, we had completely forgotten that tomorrow was Labor Day, with its accompanying large crowds. How irritating! But we got campsites reserved and should be fine.

In a related turn of events, we decided not to head for Zion early in the morning (to find a campsite) as we had planned. Instead, we decided to camp up at Webster Flats, which is near my Grandfather Jones' old ranch on Cedar Mountain. Colby has never been there, so we figured it might be fun to show him a little of the Cedar Mountain scenery.

This also meant that we could have a more leisurely morning, which we enjoyed. We found a Cedar City ward at 11am, and were so impressed with the friendliness of the ward members. If our ward in Virginia is this nice, we'll be in good hands.

After church, we drove up to Webster Flats (the campground was called Deer Haven, in Dixie National Forest) and found a spot. It was like heaven for me, being back on the mountain. I love that place so dearly. When we'd gotten situated and eaten lunch, we drove up to Cedar Breaks National Monument, a beautiful canyon spot nearby. It was windy and gorgeous.

That afternoon, we read and slept and relaxed on the SUU lawn, across the street from my grandparents' house and a place that figures largely in my childhood memories.

So excited to be back on the mountain!

Colby at beautiful Cedar Breaks!


  1. Sounds like fun. I want pictures!

  2. Yeah! We love hearing about all the places you are seeing and are definitly living vicariously through you. I'm glad you are reconnecting with Cedar City and some of your childhood memories. I bet Deer Haven was beautiful but cold! Keep those blogs coming.