Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 24, Day 22

We went to Independence first thing in the morning. The visitors' center was great, and it's just a beautiful little place. We saw the temple lot, unfortunately not owned by the church (yet). It felt really momentous, being in such a special place. I hope to go back someday.

Our next stop was the Community of Christ temple, which is right nearby. Our tour guide was a nice older lady who seemed a bit lonely and was therefore overly chatty. The tour was WAY longer than we wanted to spend in there. In fact, all we really wanted was to show ourselves around, but we made the mistake of asking a lady at the desk for a little information. Oops. We came out feeling empty and chilled. There are a lot of good intentions, and apparently a lot of good works, but there was hardly any presence or indication of Christ in the building. It was mostly about world peace, barely religious at all. It was really enlightening, and we were so glad to get back in the car and listen to MoTab to invite the Spirit.

Liberty Jail was our next stop. We were refreshed to have an elegant, loving senior sister give us an excellent, Spirit-filled presentation and tour. You can just feel truth, you know? We felt very privileged to be so near to such a hallowed place.

After Liberty Jail came Far West and the temple site, and then Adam-Ondi-Ahman. The valley is just beautiful and there is a wonderful Spirit of peace, memory, and potential that fills it.

We slept in Keokuk, Iowa tonight. We were so tired and it was so dark that we almost didn't even notice when we crossed the Mississippi!

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